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The water-carrier bore them up one by one upon his shoulders, but though a strong-backed little man, and accustomed to carry burdens, he staggered beneath their weight, and found, when slung on each side of his donkey, they were as much as the animal could bear. Let us be content for the present, said the Moor; here is as much treasure as we can carry off without being perceived, and enough to make us all wealthy to our hearts desire. Is adam and eve portrait more treasure remaining behind. demanded the alcalde. The greatest prize of all, said the Moor, a huge coffer bound with bands of steel, and filled with pearls and precious stones. Let us have up the coffer by all means, cried the grasping alcalde. I will descend for adam and eve portrait more, said the Moor, doggedly; enough is enough for a reasonable man-more is superfluous. And I, said the water-carrier, will bring up no further burden to break the back of my poor donkey.
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